The 10 Best Blogs for Chinese Learners

The 10 Best Blogs for Chinese Learners

Currently, Chinese is the second largest international language and is becoming increasingly popular to learn as a second language. For those of you looking to find the best Chinese language learning content on the internet, we’re here today to recommend you the top 10 trustworthy and useful blogs for Chinese language learning. Today, we’ve listed the top 10 Chinese blogs for Chinese learners, enjoy!

China Whisper

China Whisper offers readers random “list-style articles” about Chinese lifestyle, culture, history and more. It’s a great scattershot approach to learning aobut Chinese and the cultural context around it.  With China Whisper, you will begin to understand the connections between language and culture and hopefully will become more interested in both — giving you new motivation to learn this difficult language!


The Skritter blog is much more literally about learning Chinese and learning Chinese writing specifically. Blog articles will walk through how to write Chinese characters as well as the history of characters and how they’ve evolved over time.  This blog has the potential to boost any student’s Chinese character reading and writing ability quickly and efficiently. Skritter is equally useful for a beginner, intermediate and advanced students. You can learn only simplified characters from Skritter website. Here you will find posts about learning resources, study tips, handwriting and more.


TutorMandarin provides the perfect Chinese language blog for a beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners. You can find full Chinese lessons for you to practice your Chinese conversations and Chinese grammar points. But TutorMandarin content also delves off into best apps lists, tips for living in China, understanding Chinese culture more deeply, and really every related to Chinese language and culture! They probably give away more free things (ebooks, pdfs, free lessons) than any other Chinese learning resource out there.

Check out the interesting articles and free learning Chinese materials here: TutorManadrin Chinese Blog


Chinese-Breeze is here to help you with their outstanding blogs on learning Mandarin. It offers a great opportunity to read Chinese for pleasure and develop fluency, improve their confidence in Chinese. You will see the best Chinese language resources, culture, language and travel log in Chinese-Breeze website. They also take the high ground and have several posts that analyze the philosophy of the language and how it influences thinking and identity.

Dig Mandarin


You can find a plethora of Chinese learning content on Dig Mandarin. DigMandarin is set up for beginners and has articles about all the basic questions you might ask. The site doesn’t go as deep as others, but it has a great beginner pool of articles that will get you started.  The articles from Dig Mandarin are well laid out with clear prose, photographs, and graphics.

Sapore Di Cina

Sapore di Cina or Flavour of China is a portal (not just a blog!) that offers firsthand information on how to learn Chinese, travel or work in the Middle Kingdom. Most of the blogs from Sapore Di Cina are great for everyone who is interested in Chinese. And you will find posts more about tourist locations around Asia, learning resources, study tips, vocabulary, visas, health benefits of green tea, finding a job in China and a whole lot more. Articles are quite lengthy and high quality. Dive in if you’re a serious Chinese learner!

Written Chinese

Another must-read blog is Written Chinese. Written Chinese has been around a long time and has learner tips, most common Chinese words, Chinese food, culture lessons, and vocabulary where the readers can achieve fluency. Written Chinese is the best web-based tool for learning Chinese and their blogs for weekly posts with tips, cultural information and vocabulary lists that you can download and read.

Transparent Language


Chinese learners can get some knowledge from the Transparent Language Blog as well. Transparent Language isn’t only about Chinese, but they have several articles about living in China and Chinese food. For a while, they provided free daily articles, which was quite helpful. This is a blog that is more useful if you’re planning to live in China. Check out Transparent Language if you’re into Chinese travel and culture.

Speaking of China

Speaking of China is a Chinese blog about relationships in China. The blogger writes about love, family, relationships in China and Asian-Western relationships. It also includes interracial and intercultural love. You will see very well written stories there and topics such as being a yangxifu (the foreign wife of a Chinese man) in China, interracial/cross-cultural relationships (including related stereotypes and racism), AMWF pride, and books and authors that appeal to her readership. Different from the rest of this list, but intriguing and high quality nonetheless.



You can learn plenty of Chinese tips from FluentU. It brings Chinese to life with real-world applications and becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. You can also learn Chinese through the best dramas and videos. Many popular posts and useful rich contents can be seen there. FluentU has blogged for all levels whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner. Get ready to learn daily Chinese article about learning, conversations, culture, Chinese dramas and music videos from FluentU.


These are the best Chinese blogs that we want to recommend for Chinese learners from all levels. We’ve selected the 10 recommended Chinese blogs to get started.

Have you ever read any of these Chinese blogs? What’s your favorite blog to learn Chinese? You can comment below and give any suggestions.

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