Tutormandarin partners with new startup app “HaoLa Chinese”

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Tutormandarin partners

Tutormandarin and HaoLa Chinese have completed a new partnership linking their apps together — bringing together an automated Chinese learning app and a live Chinese tutoring app.

Hao La users will now find a convenient link that offers them one free Tutormandarin class with a professional Chinese tutor. Users are directed to either an android app or pc website depending upon their device where they can take their free class.



The cooperation works well because beginner users can get started with the automated Chinese learning of Hao La Chinese. However, for the ‘speaking’ part of language learning, there’s nothing better than real tutor. As users advance through HaoLa they can try a free tutor lesson at any time if they’re starting to take their Mandarin learning more seriously. They still need a real tutor that can personally lead them up the ladder of Chinese fluency.

Learn to speak CHinese app tutorMadnarin for iOS and Android

Enter TutorMandarin. TutorMandarin is a 1-on-1 teaching Chinese application and PC software. Tutors teach original courses based around HSK standards that is built for spoken Chinese. Learners of all levels can benefit from a service that combines top technology (virtual classroom with simultaneous PDF viewing and interactive whiteboard tools) and the best human-power (certified Mandarin tutors).

Sam Silverman, Head of TutorMandarin, says, “We support all sorts of startups looking to make the process of learning Chinese easier. The group at Hao La is quite driven and we’re happy to be a part of their app and their users Chinese learning journey!”

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