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The Hype

Being devoted to helping people being able to speak Chinese, we know taking lessons from teachers isn’t enough. You also need nice supplements to improve the weak points. For many students, their difficulty is to “pick up the Chinese characters”. But no worries, after an in-person tryout, we are very thrilled to say we found a good solution, and now recommend you this app – “Zizzle”.



What’s Zizzle?

Knowing that memory is connected with visuality, Zizzle is a revolutionary app available both for iOS and Android system, helping learners to build a connection between illustrations and Chinese characters. A character gets dismantled in three components – meaning, pronunciation, and tone. While using vivid pictures and short stories, users can simply pick up these three components simultaneously and effectively. Not just “randomly” assisting you with Chinese language learning, the characters in the app are archived logically. Therefore, you may learn from the surface part – such as the radicals and figures to the practical aspects – how to use it in sentences. The characters are fully supported according to HSK standard 1-6 levels. Best of all, you get a free download with a 7 days’ free trial! Very generous!

How to get started

1.Anytime, anywhere! You just need a smartphone and you can sign up with your email address to start your language journey immediately.
Once you have signed in, the clear look of the interface gives you a nice overview of possible topics, based on your Chinese level and your interests. Afterwards it’s up to you to choose the destination of your language journey.

2.Zizzle designed memorable figures according to the Chinese characters. E.g. after learning with the app you may remember “a walking fox”, while thinking about how to write “person” in Chinese!

3.Every character goes with elaborated sentences. These hints are always with you and will also support you not only memorising the Chinese characters better. Furthermore, you will get a better understanding of the four tones and how to use them correctly. You can also repeatedly listen to how the characters sound like until you totally get it, both single words and in a sentence.

After every lesson, there will always be a quiz to strengthen your memory again and to check yourself.

The included search engine is a super easy method to look for specific character you’ve learned from the many lessons, whenever you need them!

Nevertheless the probably coolest function is ” spaced repetition”. After a couple of lessons, you may come here to quiz yourself for all you’ve learned.














What can I expect?

                                                                                                                                                                                      Keep in mind, mastering the characters is one thing, but writing them down is another thing. Users can prepare a note to practice writing while using the app. At the moment the app is only available with simplified characters, those who want to learn traditional ones should wait until the next version. The app is still uploading more characters, that’s why we believe that the function will become more and more interesting and powerful with every new update.








This playful app gives users a new method to learn Chinese characters. It’s a nice deal for monthly and yearly subscription! Why not give it a try? Won’t regret it!

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