How to say Watch Movies in Chinese

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Chinese Lesson Overview

Watch Movies in Chinese

This is a beginner Chinese 50-minute TutorMandarin lesson about the title, “He watches movie at home.” Beginner 1 level is for learners who cannot or speak a little bit of Chinese. Hence, we’ll teach you basic but useful words in life, simple conversation and how to express your needs in this level. Some people just love to watch movies both in theaters or at home. Or what’s your hobby when you are free? Let’s learn how to say activities in Chinese and how to describe your feelings! To maximize your Chinese-learning efficiency,  experience the student-centered learning environment with our online professional tutors.


After the Watch Movies lesson, you will know:

1. How to express your feelings in vivid and accurate Chinese adjectives.

2. Wh- question: “Where” in Chinese.

3. Asking others’ schedule and what are they going to do in Chinese conversation.

4. How to say “too…+ adjective” in Chinese.

Plenty of exercises will help you review and practice what you just learned. Enjoy your lesson! But with real tutors, your learning effects would be greater!


Chinese Exercises:

      1. 你的兴趣是什么? (Nǐ de xìngqù shì shénme?)

What’s your hobby?

2. 我喜欢喝啤酒。 (Wǒ xǐhuān hē píjiǔ.)

I like to drink beer.

3. 太无聊了,我想出门。 (Tài wúliáole, wǒ xiǎng chūmén.)

Too boring, I want to go out.

4. 你在哪里? 要不要一起去酒吧? (Nǐ zài nǎlǐ? Yào bùyào yīqǐ qù jiǔbā?)

Where are you? Do you want to go to the bar together?

5. 你常常在家做什么? (Nǐ chángcháng zàijiā zuò shénme?)

What do you usually do at home?


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Entertainment takes an important part in our life, that’s for sure! You may have a lot of hobbies that you want to tell your Chinese friends, so why not learn how to say them in Chinese? Also, you will know how to express your feeling in detail!

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