Business Chinese 2

Designed for learners who can use Chinese in a simple and direct manner, applying it in a basic fashion to their daily lives.


Business Chinese 2 teaches the basics of Chinese grammar such as past, present, and future tense. Based on interactive discussions and activities, you will become more comfortable using key grammar and phrases in your regular Mandarin conversations. Lessons are centered around practical topics, such as asking for the directions and time, changing money, booking tickets, describing your social life and introducing family members and friends.

Business Chinese Course

What you will learn in Business Chinese 2

• 45 lessons

• 250 words

• Daily social phrases

• Simple daily conversations (Discussing hobbies, talking about the future and the past)

• How to offer and decline an invitation (How to invite, rejecting people politely, feeling pitiful for others)

• Explaining situations (talk to the taxi driver, talking to a doctor)

• Giving a personal introduction

• Comparing two things and answer simple questions