Kids Chinese 3 Course

For young learners who can already confidently talk about self-related as well as familiar topics, and also be able to understand the context of a conversation and to take part in exchanges and transactions

In this course, you will get to know more specialized Chinese grammar patterns, phrases, as well as vocabulary items expanding from your personal interests to the public ones. You will also learn to use more comparative and narrative descriptions of the past, present, and future events through role plays in a variety of situations.

Kids Chinese 3

What you will learn in Kid Chinese 3

• 50 lessons (40 regular classes +10 review classes)

• 300 new vocabulary items

• 40 new grammar points

• More pinyin exercises to keep improving your pronunciation

• Radicals and strokes to help study Chinese characters

• Using appropriate word choices for different occasions

• Extensive topics such as sports, travel, music, the Internet, etc