Kids Chinese 1 Course

For young learners who do not speak or speak only a little bit of Chinese


Following Kids Pinyin course is our Kid level 1 Mandarin course. This course will help your child develop a solid foundation in Chinese with a focus on speaking and listening for beginners. This course contains the basics of Chinese pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structures.

TutorMandarin classes are speaking-based and student-centered, using various images as visual aids and questions to get kids speaking out in Chinese as quickly as possible. Colorful and clear pictures in our teaching materials make it easier for kids remember the vocabulary as well as grammatical patterns.

The first step is in Chinese is the most important! If students can build a strong foundation, it will surely make the study afterward easier and make them feel confident. TutorMandarin is going to help your child achieve these goals, to develop basic but solid language skills and get you even more interested in Chinese!

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Chinese lessons Level Beginner1

What you will learn in Kid Chinese 1

•150 words related to daily life

•Improving your pronunciation through more pinyin exercises

•Radicals and strokes to help you study Chinese characters

•Introducing yourself in Mandarin (hobbies, family, school, etc)

•Initiating questions for basic social interactions (greetings, asking questions, etc)

•Taking part in simple conversations (describing concrete objects, places, and locations, talking about your leisure time, telling time and date, etc.)