One credit costs $10
One credit can buy a 25-minute class with a professional tutor
Two credits can buy a 50-minute lesson with a professional tutor

Min Credits Price
Class 25 0.6-1 $6-$10
Lesson 50 1.2-2 $12-$20

* Cost Per Credit For Package (See below)


Packages are full courses sold together with booking rules.

E.g. Beginner 1 Package is all 26 Beginner 1 lessons that need to be taken in order at a rate of at least 1 lesson per week.

Taking Classes with our Packages is much easier to organize. To ensure a constant improvement, we developed some package booking rules.

Packages Lessons Credits
Pinyin 6 Lessons ~12 Credits
Beginner 1 (B1) 45 Lessons ~90 Credits
Beginner 2 (B2) 45 Lessons ~90 Credits
Intermediate 1 (I1) 45 Lessons ~90 Credits
Intermediate 2 (I2) 45 Lessons ~90 Credits
Advanced 1 (A1) 46 Lessons ~92 Credits
Advanced 2 (A2) 45 Lessons ~90 Credits

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