Beginner 1 Course


For learners who do not speak or speak only a little bit of Chinese (HSK Level 1 )

After the Pinyin course, Beginner 1 level Mandarin courses follows. This 1-on-1 course will help you develop a strong foundation in Chinese with a particular focus on speaking and listening for the beginner. Using interactive teaching methods based on practical application, you will begin learning the necessary building blocks of pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure. Classes are speaking-based and student-centered, using various images as visual aids and questions to get you speak out in Chinese as quickly and fluently as possible. Colorful and clear images in our teaching materials make you easier to remember the words as well as grammar and sentences.

The fundamental stage is always important and crucial. If students can build a solid foundation in Mandarin, it certainly would make the study afterward easier and more confident. TutorMandarin's going to help you with this stage's goals, to build basic but solid Chinese skills and also your interest in Chinese.

Chinese lessons Level Beginner1

What you will learn in Chinese Beginner 1

• 250 words related to daily life
• Introducing yourself in Mandarin
• Taking part in simple conversations (talk about your family, describe places and locations, talk about your leisure time, talk about time and date, etc.)
• Expressing your needs and wants (ordering food, buying tickets, asking for prices, calling a taxi, etc.)
• How to express your opinions (preferences about hobbies, food, etc.)
• Review the whole course
• More free PDFs Beginner 1 level in TutorMandarin Chinese blog! Download and get free PDF lessons!

Titles in this Course

LessonChinese TitleEnglish Title
1你叫什么名字?What's your name?
2你好吗?How are you?
3你喜不喜欢喝咖啡?Do you like coffee?
4你家有几口人?How many people in your family ?
5自我介绍Self introduction
6我的家人都喜欢喝咖啡My family likes to drink coffee
7我有一张漂亮的照片I have a beautiful picture
8这个东西多少钱?How much is it ?
9你今天做什么?What are you doing today?
10点菜Ordering food
11 Review 1
12我明天去上课I will go to class tomorrow
13 Review 2
14我的生日My birthday
15他常运动He often does exercise
16他在家看电影He watches movies at home
17你能一起去打球吗?Can you play ball games together?
18你会做什么?What can you do?
19 Review 3
20我中饭吃了I ate my lunch
21我想买新手机I want to buy a new phone.
22你住哪儿?Where do you live?
23走路去上班Going to work by walking
24去商店买东西I go shopping with my mom
25 Review 4
26请问邮局怎么走?May I ask how to get to post office?
27我在看书 (修改教材标题)I am reading, not watching TV
28这儿不可以照相No pictures here
29那个地方离你家远吗?Is this place far from your home?
30 Review 5
31我觉得开车比较方便How do you want get there?
32我等了一个小时I waited for an hour
33汉语, 我学了四个月了I have been learning Chinese for four months
34他今天八点就到学校来了!He arrived at 8 o'clock today
35 Review 6
36你明天会来吗?Will you come tomorrow?
37我的生日会(教材标题需更改)Everyone can come to my birthday party
38我的旅游经验My travel experience
39聽說你去過中國I heard that you have been to China.
40 Review 7
41他要回国了He is returning to his home country
42真舍不得你走Don't want to let you go
43天气热了The weather is hot now.
44他没有你那么高He is not as tall as you.
45我生病了I am sick