What is TutorMandarin?

TutorMandarin is an online Chinese language teaching service. Our professional tutors teach students in real time through an app using full curriculums and interactive teaching methods focused on the students spoken proficiency.

Why choose TutorMandarin?

TutorMandarin is the best way to learn Chinese from the beginning and learn to be able to speak and understand it.

  • Personalized Learning
    • 1-on-1 online classes
    • Personal tutor notes after every class
    • Regular individual evaluations and reviews
    • Student resume with automatic progress updates
    • Credit system lets you choose full curriculums or individual lessons
  • Best-in-Class Mobile Experience
    • Seamless mobile user experience
    • Full mobile classroom with high quality video calling
    • Newest in interactive mobile whiteboard technology
    • Built-in tracking, statistics, and progress
  • Modern Chinese Content
    • Original curriculums made for the modern Chinese learner
    • Individual lessons based on topic and interest
    • Regularly updated supplemental content from youtube and blogs
    • Modern flashcard design
  • Best Value Pricing
    • Best value pricing for professional tutoring in the market
    • Prices decrease with bulk credit purchases
Who is TutorMandarin for?

TutorMandarin is for anyone who truly wants to learn Chinese as a second language!

TutorMandarin works best for Chinese learners at Beginner or Intermediate levels who want to learn with real human tutors. Get to know how TutorMandarin can help you to identify your language level to get you started on your Mandarin journey.

How do I use TutorMandarin?

TutorMandarin is online Chinese language tutoring through an online classroom that supports video calling, instant messaging, a digital whiteboard,  and a full curriculum.

All users start with a free trial class that they can sign up for directly through the main page of the app. After the 50 minute free trial class, students will receivev an extensive and individual language evaluation.

From there, users can go to our in-app store and buy credits. Credits are used to purchase full package curriculums or individual lessons.

Users can buy full curriculum packages (step by step courses with at least one class a week) or do custom bookings (one by one individual tutor and lesson booking).