TutorMandarin Classroom

The ‘classroom’ refers to the online mobile classroom in which students take TutorMandarin classes. It involves video and voice calling windows, a mobile whiteboard, and option for do this that and more. This will be the main area in which learning takes place.

Video & Voice

How does TutorMandarin maintain high call quality?

Robust global communications platform

With TutorMandarin video calling, data flows from peer-to-peer automatically. If peer to peer is not possible (due to firewall or otherwise), TURN media relay will automatically be used through one of our dozens of data centers around the globe, creating a constant environment of call stability.[spacer height=”20px”]

Auto-bit rate and auto-frame adjustment

TutorMandarin global communication platform accounts for variation in internet speeds, by auto-adjusting both the bitrate and frame rate when necessary. In the context of a classroom, students will still have uncompromised audio and view of the whiteboard, but with lower quality tutor video.[spacer height=”20px”]

Tutors Landline Requirement

TutorMandarin tutors are all required to use a solid landline connection with a minimum of 12/mb requirements.[spacer height=”20px”]

Tutor Computer Hardware Requirements

CPU Average: i5 5200U or above, 2.2GHz, three cache 2-3M, dual or quad core

CPU Minimum: 1.8GHz (turbo to 2.2GHz), dual-core

RAM Average: 4G+

RAM Minimum: 2G

Hard Drive Average : SSD/Mechanical Hard Drive 500G 7200 rpm or more

Hard Drive Minimum: Mechanical hard disk 500G 5600, with 20G free space[spacer height=”20px”]

Camera and Microphone

Headset with microphone

Microsoft HD 1080p Camera

5.2.2 Network Configuration Requirements

Domestic carriers: China Unicom / Telecom

Network Speed: 4M/4M (Non Cross-firewall) 2M/2M (Cross-firewall)[spacer height=”20px”]

Internet Connection

Landline Cable

Which technical requirement does TutorMandarin recommend?

Phone Practices

TutorMandarin recommend using a phone with at least 2GB of RAM.

We recommend using a phone with a screen size large enough to view curriculum and whiteboard (At your preference and discretion).

Internet Speeds

We recommend using stable wifi connection or 4g data plan.

User Control

While TutorMandarin can offer video, users always have the option to turn off video and just use audio.

Call restart

While classes are timed, users can join and re-join classes if necessary. If a call must be cancelled, users can rejoin at their convenience. This restart method can also be used if call quality on an extended call decreases to an unacceptable level.

Instant Message

Users can communicate with their tutor using instant messaging during class. The instant message window appears over the bottom half of the classroom screen. Instant messaging supports only texting with built-in keyboards. Classroom instant message does not allow for the upload of pictures, recordings, movies, or other media files.


TutorMandarin classes are taught with original curriculum using a digital whiteboard. The whiteboard allows users to draw, highlight, delete, and clear.

Course Materials

During class you will see the lesson content on top of the whiteboard. This will only be able to be controlled from the tutor’s side.
Tutors can also load supplementary material as well.


1. Press an object to selected it and press delete
2. Press “clear all” to wipe off all objects at the selected screen
3. “Shake” the phone


These tools are set sizes and colors, they can be used to draw over anything on the mobile whiteboard. Once a line has been drawn it becomes an object. Objects can be deleted or cleared in two ways.

Screen Zoom and Pan

The Screen can be panned by pressing and dragging the scroll bars (both vertical and horizontal).

To re-size the screen use the commonly mobile pinch movement.

Select Object

Any object may be selected and moved.


TutorMandarin Classes are monitored and recorded for quality assurance and internal training.

These Class recordings are currently not available to the public.

Class Start

Tutors will always be in the classroom when it opens at your scheduled time. The ‘start class’ button will be activated (able to be clicked) once the class time starts. If you hang up or are disconnected, simply go back and press the ‘start class’ button to rejoin.

What happens if my call gets disconnected?

You can rejoin the class the same way you initially started it through ‘class start.’

Call During

What if I can’t hear my tutor?

If you can’t hear your tutor, use the instant message function to convey this message. Tutor will either recommend restarting the call or offering technical assistance.

What if I don’t want to see them?

You may turn off video at any time using the ‘view’ button right below the video screen.

What if i don’t want to use video?

You may turn off video at any time using the ‘view’ button right below the video screen.

What if the class materials appear incorrectly on my screen?

Inform the tutor through voice or instant message and the tutor will instruct you on the best course of action.

What if the tutor can’t hear me?

Identify the problem through the instant messenger. Your tutor will either advise a quick-fix solution or restart the classroom.

Class Ending

When the class ends (according to your scheduled time) then you, the student, will be asked to leave first by the tutor. To exit, simply end the call. After the class, your progress will be automatically updated on your student resume and class notes will appear shortly after.

What happens if I don’t leave the class?

If you do not leave within 5 minutes, the session will automatically end and you will be bounced from the classroom.

FAQ Overview