Free Trial Class

What is the free trial class?

TutorMandarin provides a one-time free trial class to every user. The trial is a full 50 minute class that gives users a preview of the TutorMandarin teaching style, curriculums, and full cross-platform education system.

Do I have to take the trial class? Why?

Yes, the trial is mandatory for all users. Granted, it is a free 50 minute class.

The trial class helps us evaluate your Chinese level according to our education system (that references HSK levels). furthermore, it gives us personal insight into your goals and how we can help you get you to where you want to be.

How do I sign up for a free trial class?

After downloading the TutorMandarin app, the top of your screen will have a ‘Sign up for free trial’ button. Simply provide provide your name, phone number, and email address.

Afterwards, your screen will change to say ‘waiting for trial’ while you wait to receive a phone call from  an education consultant who will help you set up a trial class with an professional tutor.

Once confirmed, your ‘My Schedule’ section will update with a trial class ticket listening the time of your class and tutor. You will be be reminded the day of the trial class with a notification.

To start the class simply click on the ticket marked ‘start.’

What happens during the free trial class?

You will receive a 50 minute dynamic Chinese lesson that showcases our teaching style and resources while helping us identify your language level and situation.

What happens after the free trial class?

Once the trial is done, the tutor will evaluate your Chinese level, the results of which will be updated in your student resume. The tutor will send you class notes as well which will also be located within your student resume.

Afterwards, the app will unlock and you will be able to explore the full features of the app.

Finally a consultant will call you to debrief after the class, discuss your experience, and explain the different options for your level.

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