Package Booking and Scheduling

Buying a package not only provides you with a full course of lessons from our curriculum but also abides by a set of rules for learning with TutorMandarin. These rules are based on our education methodology to ensure best learning results.

What is Credit Booking?

Credit booking gives you the freedom to book credits in any order and at your own pace, however does not provide any significant discount unless purchasing large amounts of credits.

There are two ways to book sessions with credits. Take a look at these two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Billy books a lesson by selecting a tutor.

Billy has a favorite tutor, Mabel Joy, and can’t imagine his Chinese learning without her. Therefore, he always first selects Tutor at the home screen, scrolls down or searches Mabel Joy, selects Booking in her profile, and selects the date and time for a lesson session. After this he selects the class content by choosing Lesson, Select Lesson, and Confirm to finalize his class with Mabel, at  his desired time, with his desired class content.

Scenario 2: Billy wants to book a lesson by selecting the next lesson.

Billy is a busy man. He knows that his availability is restrictive but he is dedicated to studying Chinese. For him, it doesn’t matter having a specific tutor, so long as they are available at the time he can spare. He selects Course, and chooses his next class, selects booking, he then selects Please Select a Tutor, chooses a tutor, choose his time availability, and selects confirm reserve.

How does package booking work?

Each course has 4-5 sections, with each section containing 4-5 to lessons and 1 supplement. The best practice for booking in a package is to book one section at a time. Each section should take around 28(one month) days to finish. That is 2-3 classes a week. After you activate a course package, you will be prompted to schedule your first 28 days.

Where do I go to purchase, activate, and book lessons in packages?

You can do all package related things in the package section in the app.

Can I combine credit booking and package booking?

Yes. However, package booking comes at extremely discounted prices with a specific education methodology and philosophy. So, by purchasing a package you are bound by those rules for the course you purchased and will not be able to purchase any of those lessons that are uncompleted through extra credit. If you want to supplement your learning by purchasing topic classes, lessons from courses in lower levels, or lessons in your package plan that you have already completed,  you are free to do so.

Do Packages have an expiration date?

Yes, upon purchase of a package, your package will expire in 1 year from the date of purchase. You can activate your package at any time in that timeframe.

What is the difference between purchasing and activating?

We know that starting a package requires a level of commitment. So we give you flexibility of when you want to start booking lessons in your package. Going on vacation next week? No problem, you can wait to activate it until after you get back. Once you activate your package, you are required to book the first 28 days of your package plan.

After I activate a package, how long do I have to finish the course?

That is correct! Once you start booking, you have started your package scheduling plan. This means that you will want to finish your course package in a time that will maximize your learning. We calculate this by expecting one section being completed every 28 days. So if there are 4 sections total, then your activated package would end in 112 days or around 4 months.

What if I don’t want to schedule immediately?

No problem! You can wait up to a year to activate your package so you can make sure you find a reasonable time to begin the package plan.

Do I have to schedule a whole section every month?

No. But if you do not schedule a section every 28 days, then you will have more lessons that need to be completed in a shorter time period. That is why we require you to schedule at least one lesson every 7 days.

Is there any weekly course minimum? Maximum?

We recommended you book at least 2 courses per week, however we REQUIRE that you do at least one lesson per week. There is no weekly limit for maximum number of lessons.

What if I want to book beyond 28 days?

This rule is stringent upon our tutors’ availability. Because we do not ask for availability past that, we cannot confirm booking beyond 28 days.

What if I want to book more lessons a week after booking?

At any point you can return to the package booking to book more lessons. However, the limit will always be 24 hours after the time you are booking to 28 days later.


It is June 1st and it has been a week since you last booked. You go back into booking and see that you can book from June 2nd (24 hours later) to June 29(28 days later).

What if I want to miss a week?

Missing a week of learning can have a significant impact on learning progress. Our main goal with the package is to make sure you receive the most effective Chinese education possible. Therefore, we do not allow our users to miss a week(7 days) of learning. If you do not schedule a lesson in one week, you will lose 2 credits – the cost of one lesson.

What if I want to schedule more lessons at a time that are before lessons I’ve already booked?

No problem! As long as it is 24 hours after the time you are booking, you can schedule more lessons at any time. Our system will automatically re-order the lessons so your next scheduled lesson will always be the next lesson in the course.

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