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How to learn Chinese? What's the best way?

Are you just starting to learn Chinese? Maybe even asking “Hey, how do I actually learn Chinese? What’s the best way to learn Chinese?" Well don't worry, we’ve got you covered!

To start off, we’re gonna give you a FREE class with a real tutor.

Then we’ll help you plan your progress. You can learn Pinyin (also known as the Chinese alphabet) in only 6 lessons! That means you could be speaking Chinese in less than 2 weeks! As soon as you sign up, we’ll send the full Pinyin PDF course (6 lessons!) andthe Ultimate Guide to "How to learn Chinese" ebook straight to your email. How’s that for you? Let's get started!

Free “How to learn Chinese” Ebook

So you know you want to learn Chinese. Great. But now you’re probably asking yourself a second and more pressing question — how do I learn Chinese fast? How do I learn Chinese well? How do I learn to learn Chinese!?

Be careful here. With learning fast you must still put the emphasis on the learning aspect first. If you find yourself compromising learning quality for speed you may end up with all kinds of bad habits, forcing you to re-learn basic things that you had previously thought you’d mastered. That doesn’t sound so fast, does it? 

This free ebook will help to optimize a learning strategy that gives you strong fundamentals while going in an organizing way up the ladder of success in learning Chinese. A must have for any beginner starting out their Chinese learning journey. 

Beginner Chinese Class

This is a TutorMandarin Beginner Chinese Culture Topic Class. In this lesson, you will learn how to say "cheers" in Chinese and teach you all about the drinking culture and customs in China. The class is both level-appropriate and immediately practical. By the end of the lesson, you'll know not just some new Chinese vocabulary but you'll be much more knowledgeable several Chinese customs --   so you're prepared to interact with real Chinese speakers at your next cocktail party or night out!

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Pinyin (“The Chinese Alphabet”) Course

This course will teach you pinyin. Pinyin is the Romanization of the Chinese characters based on their pronunciation. In Mandarin Chinese, the phrase “Pin Yin” literally translates into “spell sound.” In other words, spelling out Chinese phrases with letters from the English alphabet. Learning pinyin is the first and most fundamental step in being able to speak Chinese.

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