How to flirt with a Chinese Girl/ Boy

Some people say the appeal of Asian women is undeniable, as most of them get straight black hair, high cheekbones, mysterious eyes, and trim petite bodies. Not to mention, the Chinese girls. Since you’re learning Chinese, you might wanna get a rough idea how to strike up a conversation with an attractive girl (or maybe Read more about How to flirt with a Chinese Girl/ Boy[…]

笨鸟先飞 – A stupid bird flies first

The chengyu 笨鸟先飞 (bèn niǎo xiān fēi) breaks down to stupid (笨 – bèn) bird (鸟 – niǎo) first (先 – xiān) flies (飞 – fēi). Simply translated in English: a ‘stupid bird flies first’ or ‘the clumsy bird flies early’. These refers to those that have to work hard to compensates for limited ability. Read more about 笨鸟先飞 – A stupid bird flies first[…]

Lucky Numbers in Chinese

In Western countries, due to the religious reason, 7 is a ubiquitous lucky number which many believe that it is associated with creationism. But some numbers have been thought to be lucky, while others are considered unlucky. So, does 7 be thought as lucky in Chinese culture, too?   Unfortunately, not!   To learn a Read more about Lucky Numbers in Chinese[…]

TutorMandarin Google Play Android App Launch

TutorMandarin Launches Android APP on Google Play!

“Mandarin Goes Mobile” w/ new APP, TutorMandarin 1-on-1 online Chinese classes taught by certified Mandarin tutors through a state-of-the-art Android app that features a virtual classroom, full in-app courses, interactive daily content, and more. TutorMandarin is available now on Google Play.    TutorMandarin has officially launched its Android app today on the Google Play Store, Read more about TutorMandarin Launches Android APP on Google Play![…]

Chinese Tongue Twister Challenge

Using a lot of alliteration in sentences, tongue twisters are definitely a great way to practice and improve your pronunciation, accent and fluency when learning a language. You would notice a remarkable improvement in your proficiency of language when practicing a few twisters everyday. Today, we at TutorMandarin will try to teach you how to Read more about Chinese Tongue Twister Challenge[…]

Christmas facts about China

With a table, full of mouth-watering delicacies, and shopaholic annual procurement, Westerns celebrate Christmas very hard! But on the other side, what does a non-Christian country like China spend this western holiday? Today at TutorMandarin, we will unmask the secret of Christmas in China and teach you some Christmas greetings in Chinese. Even though, there Read more about Christmas facts about China[…]

Counting in Chinese with hands

We’ve learnt numbers in Chinese previously, so today let’s talk about something related ”Chinese hand counting”. The beauty of the Chinese numerable signals is that you can count from one to nine just by using one hand. You don’t need to be a nine-fingered mutant! For most people of western countries, it is quite surprising, Read more about Counting in Chinese with hands[…]

Chinese Food Slang

  There is a Chinese proverb “吃饭皇帝大” (chī fàn huáng dì dà), which literally means “Food is bigger than the emperor”. It shares a similar meaning with the English slang “someone’s bread and butter”, which is “Nothing is more important than eating”. You can see how essential food is in Chinese life from this notion. Read more about Chinese Food Slang[…]

How to learn Chinese online for free from TutorMandarin online Mandarin tutoring

How to improve your Chinese skills online for free

How can I learn to read and speak Chinese well and for free while using online resources? Often there come up a lot of questions like this, when someone starts to learn a new language. So, is it possible in 2016? Maybe! Let’s explore why and why not. “Free” and “Online” Resources There are many Read more about How to improve your Chinese skills online for free[…]

Chengyu Chinese recruit soldiers buy horses

招兵买马 – Recruit soldiers, buy horses

What’s it? The chéngyǔ 招兵买马 (zhāo bīng mǎi mǎ) breaks down to into recruit (招zhāo ) soldiers (兵bīng) buy (买mǎi) horses (马 mǎ). This is translated into  English as ‘recruit soldiers, buy horses.” You can take this chéngyǔ at face value, since the meaning is essentially “to raise a large army” or “to raise a Read more about 招兵买马 – Recruit soldiers, buy horses[…]