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The Best HSK Apps of 2018 for Android and iOS

The Best HSK Apps If you’re reading this article, you probably already know what the HSK is. The HSK stands for 汉语水平考试 (hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì) which translates to “Chinese Proficiency Test.” The HSK is an international standardized exam which tests Chinese language proficiency for Chinese as a second language learners. The HSK can be taken[…]

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“I am Reading Books.” – Free Learn Chinese Book PDF

B1-L22 I am reading books (Preview) Sign up to get the FREE PDF & Trial Class Download PDF Learn Chinese Book PDF: Lessons Overview It must be the most common questions – “What are you doing?” “Are you available now?” These questions seem pretty simple, but can you answer in fluent  and understandable Chinese?  Beginner[…]

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Best Chinese Translator Apps

Best Chinese Translator Apps Chinese is hard to read! There are so many Chinese words to learn that you can often find yourself in a situation where you can’t read the Chinese. Luckily, there are translator apps that can help with all types of situation. Finding the meaning of the word, looking up the character[…]

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Best Apps for Kids to Learn Chinese | TutorMandarin

Best Apps for Kids to Learn Chinese Every parent wants their child to be able to thrive and survive in the world of tomorrow. It increasingly looks like China and the Chinese language will be a major part of the next global shift. Luckily, children are adept at learning new languages and if their parents[…]

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Top 10 iOS Apps to Learn Chinese

Top 10 iOS Apps to Learn Chinese Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages on earth. It’s also one of the most popular languages on the internet. If you’re one of the Chinese learners and using iPhone, you can study Chinese easily on your phone. Now we’ve selected the top 10 apps to[…]

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Tutormandarin partners with new startup app “HaoLa Chinese”

Tutormandarin and HaoLa Chinese have completed a new partnership linking their apps together — bringing together an automated Chinese learning app and a live Chinese tutoring app. Hao La users will now find a convenient link that offers them one free Tutormandarin class with a professional Chinese tutor. Users are directed to either an android[…]

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[Guest Post] Top Apps for China

Author Bio:   Will Perrins is Opportunity China’s Partnerships Manager, and taught in Shenyang for 3 years as part of the Teach China Graduate Program. Opportunity China are the experts for education recruitment across China, supporting graduates through to experienced education professionals to secure their dream teaching role.   The Top Apps For China The[…]

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Tutormandarin partners with top Korean app “Good Morning Chinese Dictionary”

Tutormandarin and Good Morning Chinese Dictionary have completed a new partnership linking their apps together — bringing together a full dictionary app and live online tutoring in one place.  Users in the Good Morning Chinese Dictionary App will now find a convenient link in the left-hand menu that offers them one free Tutormandarin class with[…]

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Best Apps to Learn Chinese Free | List from TutorMandarin

It’s so convenient learning Chinese with apps these days…and what’s more convenient than free apps? Today, TutorMandarin will explore the best apps to learn Chinese for free. These free apps will not just teach you a few phrases but will really start you down your language learning journey — taking you step by step up[…]

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“Buy Some More” – Free Learn Chinese Grammar PDF

  B1-L20 Buy some more (Preview)  Sign up to get the FREE PDF & Trial Class Download PDF Chinese Lessons Overview Do you love shopping? No matter you love to shop in the department store or supermarket, this lesson would teach you useful Chinese speaking if you want to describe your shopping schedule. Who did[…]

Tutomandarin Hanping Dictionary Cooperation

TutorMandarin to provide 5000+ original Chinese sentences to Hanping Dictionary apps

Hanping Dictionary APPs will include 5,000 of TutorMandarin’s original Chinese example sentences to match its database of Chinese words. Sentences will be incorporated into both of Hanping Chinese Dictionary Android apps – Hanping Lite & Hanping Pro. Hanping is a set of Chinese language-learning apps that offer English, Pinyin or Chinese characters (Hanzi) in a user-friendly[…]

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Learn Chinese Online PC Version Coming Out – TutorMandarin

Not only on the app, TutorMandarin is now on your PC as well, allowing our students to learn Mandarin with their professional tutors more flexible! TutorMandarin is a revolutionary e-learning mobile app that students can learn to speak Chinese with their tutors online anywhere on their phone. Tutormandarin offers 1-on-1 online Chinese courses based on[…]