Ten Benefits of learning Chinese online during Corona Crisis

As Corona is threatening the world day after day, people are getting scared to go outside. Even when they are in midst of studying, they are planning to ditch their study in the place where they were. In-person Chinese classes have been shut down deliberately as both lecturers and students are refusing to go outside.[…]

good chinese textbooks

The Best Chinese Textbooks You Should Read

Good Chinese Textbooks you should read Learning Chinese is not as difficult as most people think. To master the language, you need to find useful learning resources and spend time reading them. Chinese textbooks are among the most useful learning resources you will ever find since they help you master the Mandarin language. Today we[…]

Which Chinese language is best to learn?

Which Chinese language is best to learn? The best Chinese language is “Pǔtōnghuà” or “Mandarin,” the official language in China. What is Mandarin and why is it the best Chinese language to learn?  Pǔtōnghuà means the “common language” in Mandarin Chinese. Different from English, the dialects in Chinese are mostly not mutually comprehensible. Even though[…]

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Cool Chinese Words

Cool Chinese Words While it takes a lot of basic vocabulary to learn Chinese, sometimes you want more than basic… you want… cool. Today we’re going to learn some “cool Chinese words” that will impress your friends and help you talk like you know what you’re talking about. No time to waste, let’s get to[…]

Cool Chinese Slang Words

[Guest Post] 20 Common Chinese Slang Words

The Chinese language is challenging to access and complicated to learn. It takes time and patience to reach a high level of oral and written skills. If you already know how to greet people, catch on interesting (long!) words, are familiar with the Pinyin system of pronunciation, and read Chinese characters properly, you are then[…]

How to test your Chinese level?

How to test your Chinese level? There are several ways to test your Chinese level of proficiency. Today we’ve written about 3 different ways to determine your level. These ways all vary in terms of time, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. Feel free to select the way that works for you! Test your Chinese level with the HSK […]

Tips for Reading Chinese

[Guest Post] 7 Useful Tips for Reading in the Chinese Language

Tips for Reading in the Chinese Language People from all around the world are interested in learning Chinese more than ever. Some of them do it for business purposes and others for the pure fun out of it. Whatever your reasons for learning Chinese are, you’ll inevitably come to a really challenging step along the[…]

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Basic Chinese Words PDF | Free download from TutorMandarin

Basic Chinese Words PDF | Free download from TutorMandarin So you’ve just started learning Chinese and you want a basic Chinese words PDF. Welp, here ya go! This PDF is free to download and contains 100 beginner Chinese words that you need to get started. If you’re interested in how we selected them, here’s a[…]

should I learn Chinese or Japanses

Is it harder to learn Chinese or Japanese?

Is it harder to learn Chinese or Japanese? If you’re deciding what Asian language to study, or just wondering about the difficulty of language learning, you may have asked yourself, “Is it harder to learn Chinese or Japanese?” This is an interesting question! First of all, for native speakers of English, both Chinese and Japanese[…]

how to improve basic mandarin writing

[Guest Post] 7 Amazing Ways To Improve Your Basic Mandarin Writing Skills

  Improve Your Mandarin Writing Skills Chinese is one of the most popular languages in the world. People love learning it for various reasons – some want to open doors to better opportunities, some learn it in school and some want to learn it for fun. And while no aspect of learning a language is[…]

10 Ways to Say Hello in Chinese

10 Ways to Say Hello in Chinese Do you know your Chinese greetings yet? Today we will teach you how to say “hello in Chinese.” Just like English, there are many ways to say this simple phrase. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 ways to greet people in Mandarin. Each one[…]

Do I need to learn Chinese characters

I can already read Pinyin. Do I need to Learn Chinese Characters?

Do I need to learn Chinese characters? The short answer is YES! If you ever want to be more than a beginner who “speaks a little bit of Chinese” then you should learn Chinese characters. Why Learn Chinese Characters? First of all, Pinyin did not even exist several decades ago! If you don’t know, Pinyin[…]