Chinese alphabet for kids

Chinese alphabet for kids Kids are excellent language learners! In fact, start them young enough and they can have perfect pronunciation and native-level fluency by the time they get older. So, how to get your kid started off learning Chinese? The Chinese alphabet is called “pinyin.” It’s basically using the English alphabet to mimic all[…]

many chinese characters in Chinese alphabet

How many characters are there in the Chinese alphabet?

How many characters are there in the Chinese alphabet? When people ask the questions “how many characters are there in the Chinese alphabet?” it usually means they’re interested but don’t quite understand non-phonetic languages. First, let’s clarify some things. Chinese is a pictorial language that doesn’t have an “alphabet” like Westerns are thinking of. Chinese[…]

Learn the Chinese Alphabet in 5 Minutes

Learn The Chinese Alphabet Chinese language learning is more than just learning to Chinese writing. The pronunciation of a word makes the difference. Before we can start to teach you the different tones in Mandarin (Pinyin), it is helpful to learn the phonology of standard Chinese, or also called the Chinese Alphabet. We created a[…]