Basic Chinese Words PDF | Free download from TutorMandarin

Basic Chinese Words PDF | Free download from TutorMandarin

So you’ve just started learning Chinese and you want a basic Chinese words PDF. Welp, here ya go! This PDF is free to download and contains 100 beginner Chinese words that you need to get started. If you’re interested in how we selected them, here’s a bit about the process and Chinese levels.

What makes a basic Chinese word? How many “beginner” Chinese words are there?

There is one major test for Chinese called the “HSK” which stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi 汉语水平考试 which means “Chinese Proficiency Test.” This is the official test to assess your Chinese level. The HSK has only 6 levels, similar to the European style of language assessment.

What is the HSK exam
These words are all from the HSK 1 level (total has 150 words). If you start getting good at these, we would recommend that you think about learning enough to pass the HSK 1 and put it on the ole resume.

If you’re interested in taking the HSK or at least a Chinese course, feel free to sign up to unlock our lessons at TutorMandarin.

Can I start learning Chinese with these basic words? 

Yes… and no. You need to learn Chinese pronunciation and tones first. That means you need to learn Pinyin. Check out our 6 lesson pinyin course if you haven’t already. PDFs are free after signup and we have a few youtube lessons up already.


All these are important to create a solid foundation to build your Chinese on top of. Don’t skip to words until you are ready.

I know Chinese Pronunciation already! Let’s start!

Great. Now it’s time to start learning the most basic words first and grow from there. Hope you enjoy this list. We have offer words lists for 250 most important Chinese words, 500 most important Chinese words, and 1000 most important Chinese words. But, the best thing is to try our beginner Chinese course and start learning step-by-step how to speak Chinese and practically the use all the vocabulary you are learning.

Download here.

All students can practice writing with a live 1-on-1 tutor with TutorMandarin.


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