How hard is it for kids to learn Chinese?

How hard is it for kids to learn Chinese?

Kids can learn a new or even a second language very easily. Even though many people view Chinese as a tough language, it’s much easier for kids. Kids quickly grasp new concepts because their brain is still at a developmental stage. A kid’s mind is not yet accustomed to their mother tongue. Thus, the brain remains open to learning an additional language. When a child is taught a new language, it should be easy for a child to hold a conversation in the new language as they learn all the sounds, words, and structures.

For a kid, learning a new language is part of their brain chemistry.

Language development in kids develops alongside their mental and physical developments. It is through a constant input of a new language that kids become fluent in a language like Chinese. Kids absorb information in a much more ‘unconscious’ way at this stage. This is different from adult and older kids whose learning of Chinese is very conscious. When one is very conscious of what they say after learning, information tends to get lost and disassociated. The more a child gets exposed to the new words, the more their brains absorb them. Kids can also easily associate a word with its meaning. For adults, they have to get the meaning of the word as well as learn the grammatical rules to employ.


Kids are fantastically unselfconscious

Also, kids can quickly learn Chinese since they are naive about how they sound. A kid’s self-consciousness is very low. Hence, they are not afraid to look stupid (like some adults!). Kids love to be corrected and thus learning from their mistakes make them have good progress in learning Chinese. No matter how dumb a kid sounds when practicing, he or she will do it loudly! I think we all know kids are very proud to do and learn new things. Plus, they are motivated to learn how to speak. For them, the only way the will fit in the environment is through communication. Kids learn by experimentation. Thus, they have to put into practice what they learn hence making it easier to remember concepts. Even though Chinese get termed as the most difficult, language, this is not true.

Chinese grammar is simple (no verb conjugation!)

Unlike many languages like English or French, kids Chinese is very simple. Kids get rescued from the difficult work of knowing what type of verb to use for a certain subject. In Chinese, the verb does not change depending on the personas like with romance languages. The verb used for the first person still suits to be used for the third person. In Chinese, to indicate the time that an event occurred, you only have to add a time phrase for past year. Learning kids Chinese is even getting much easier. There are no verb tenses in Chinese. And, there is a simplified modern Chinese writing system. Here, the writing system employs few strokes compared to the traditional writing mode.

Kids still need lots of practical practice when learning a language

Just as the first language, it calls for practice to be a prowess in the Chinese Language. Even though, kids Chinese has been customized to make the kids get the concepts much easier. Kids learn through gaming and also alongside drawings and names. Once a kid has seen a picture, it gets easier to relate the name to the drawing if presented with the test again. It is through consistency that your kids will be competent in kids Chinese. Reading stories, using gestures, listening to songs and still trying to sing them out works miracle. Complementing the child’s efforts by trying to speak in Chinese motivates the kid. Also, use of visual tools which can still get printed acquaints the kid with the basic phrases. The kid will be happy to put others to challenge through their competency.


Online Chinese classes for kids are readily available!

beginner chinese course for kids

beginner chinese course for kids

Online Chinese classes for kids are more accessible than ever. Through online courses, one can easily acquaint his child with the basics of the Chinese language. You can learn Chinese anywhere. Tutor Mandarin is one of the online sites offering kids Chinese classes. The site has qualified tutors. It is easy to access the site through a mobile phone and also through a personal computer. The trained Mandarin teachers are to boast of their expertise in the field. The classes happen one-on-one. Their prowess in the field will make your kid speak out in Chinese very easily. They use the least time possible since, once with the mobile App, or with the PC, the kid can enjoy virtual classrooms. When the kid gets exposed to the sounds and words every day, it gets easy to speak. For each new student, Tutormandarin offers one free Chinese class. 

When it comes to Chinese, it is about having a passion for the language. It gets enjoyable with time. Everyday exposure to the material is a great step to becoming a prowess. Start today and make it instilled in your kids like its inborn.

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