Top Tips for Choosing a Good Chinese Tutor in Singapore

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How to choose a good Chinese tutor?

Finding an excellent Chinese tutor in Singapore can be difficult. Good Chinese tutors, or good coaching teachers in general, must have certain qualities, skills, experiences, teaching methods to stand out from the rest. Many parents only care about qualifications when selecting tuition teachers, but it’s not the only criteria that affect learning efficiency. Following are several qualities you should know to ensure your children will have the best learning experiences from their Chinese teachers.

Qualifications of A Good Chinese Tutors

Although it is a cliche that “qualification is not everything”, and that you should also consider your tutor’s academic background and credentials as it’s a direct measure of the tutor’s knowledge. There are many part-time students from college, polytechnics, and undergraduates who are looking for tutoring jobs.

While the prices offered may be cheaper, students generally are unable to learn a lot from those lessons. This is because those part-time tutors do not have the relevant academic background nor strong knowledge of the subject to teach. The Chinese tuition teacher should have at least a university degree and has relevant credentials in teaching Chinese as a second language.

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Professional and degrees in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

Chinese-teaching Experiences

Experienced Chinese tutors have better understandings of how to assist the student to avoid mistakes that are commonly made by Chinese learners. Experienced Chinese tuition teachers also have the essential resources to help the student prepare for Chinese exams. More than 4 years of teaching experiences should be sufficient for the Chinese tutor to be able to pinpoint key areas of students’ weaknesses and find ways to help the student improve.

Most importantly, experienced Chinese tuition teachers know effective study methods for exam techniques which will be valuable for students. Many experienced Chinese tuition teachers are former MOE (Ministry of Education in Singapore) school teachers and normally charge higher fees.

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Teaching experience is also an important factor.

Familiar with Chinese Syllabus and Exam Format

A good Chinese tuition teacher should be well acquainted with the MOE Chinese syllabus for Chinese and Chinese exam format. Chinese MOE syllabus is constantly changing, hence the Chinese tuition teachers must keep track of the latest syllabus update.

Since the main goal of Chinese tuition is to help the students prepare for Chinese exams, Chinese tuition teachers should know the requirements of the Chinese exam well. Furthermore, focus on teaching the students how to fulfill those requirements. As a result, it’ll be better than parents find a tuition teacher with teaching experiences in MOE schools.

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How to prepare for your Chinese exams.

Chinese Tutors with Patience

There are still some Chinese tuition teachers who are not willing to explain the answer solutions to students; they just provide the answers and expect the students to understand by themselves.

For Chinese learners who need more help, a good Chinese tuition teacher should be willing to explain and provide examples patiently to the students. For inquisitive students, tuition teachers should be patient in answering their questions. In addition, the tutors who are passionate and patient in teaching make students ask questions without pressure, and therefore learning faster and more efficient.

Bilingual Chinese Tuition Teacher

If you have difficulties understanding basic Chinese, better find a bilingual Chinese tutor who can teach in Chinese and English. Although it’s not ideal for an all-Chinese environment, explaining Chinese in English might help the student in understanding faster.

So, if you are a Chinese learner in Singapore and is looking for a Chinese tuition teacher, here are the tips for you when you are finding a qualified Chinese tutor. If you are also considering finding an online Chinese tutor with all these qualifications, TutorMandarin’s also your best choice. Visit TutorMandarin’s website and meet with some of our online Chinese (and also native) tutors who are professional, experienced and patient!

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