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children’s songs is a good way for your kids to learn Mandarin.

Chinese Children’s song

When I was a child and learning English as a second language, I always enjoyed the fun English kids’ songs! These songs were so catchy that I even used my free time to listen to them and enjoy them — my parents didn’t have to force me at all.

Songs (and children’s songs especially!) are a great way to get into learning a second language when you’re a child or even just an adult beginner. Songs help give you the rhythm of a language and help you get used to its natural ebbs and flows. Even more importantly, the melody helps the lyrics stick in your brain like glue!

If you or your children are looking to learn Chinese, you can start with singing Chinese children’s songs with your kids. Below are 3 of the best Chinese children’s songs with Chinese, Pinyin and English translation. Enjoy!


Classic Chinese Children’s Songs

1.“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” 小星星 (Pinyin: Xiǎo xīngxīng)




一闪一闪亮晶晶 满天都是小星星

(Yī shǎn yī shǎn liàngjīngjīng mǎn tiān dū shì xiǎo xīngxīng)

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are

(in Chinese version: They’re full of stars in the sky)


挂在天上放光明 好像许多小眼睛

(guà zài tiānshàng fàng guāngmíng hǎoxiàng xǔduō xiǎo yǎnjīng)

Up above the world so high, Like little eyes in the sky


一闪一闪亮晶晶 满天都是小星星

(yī shǎn yī shǎn liàngjīngjīng mǎn tiān dū shì xiǎo xīngxīng)

Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are


2. “Little Fish Swimming in the Water” 鱼儿水中游 (Yú er shuǐzhōng yóu)


鱼儿 鱼儿 水中游 游来游去 乐悠悠

yú er yú er shuǐzhōng yóu yóu lái yóu qù lè yōuyōu

Fish, fish, swim in the water, swim back and fro happily


倦了 卧水草 饿了 觅小虫

Juànle wò shuǐcǎo èle mì xiǎo chóng

Lying on the water plants when tired, and looking for worm when hungry


乐悠悠 乐悠悠 水底世界乐自由

lè yōuyōu lè yōuyōu shuǐdǐ shìjiè lè zìyóu

Happily, happily, the underwater world is so free


鱼儿 鱼儿 水中游  看见前面一线钩

Yú er yú er shuǐzhōng yóu  Kànjiàn qiánmiàn yīxiàn gōu

Fish, fish, swim in the water; spotting a string in front of them


钩上食味美  看得唾涎流

gōu shàng shíwèi mě  kàn dé tuò xián liú

There’s something delicious on the hook, they can’t help drooling

小鱼儿 别上钩

xiǎo yú er bié shànggōu

Little fish, don’t get caught



tāntú xiǎngshòu shī zìyóu

Greed for enjoying and lose your freedom


3. “Two Tigers” 两只老虎 (Liǎng zhī lǎohǔ)


两只老虎 两只老虎

Liǎng zhī lǎohǔ liǎng zhī lǎohǔ

Two tigers, two tigers,


跑得快 跑得快

pǎo dé kuài pǎo dé kuài

Run so fast, run so fast,



yī zhǐ méiyǒu ěrduǒ

One has no ear,



yī zhǐ méiyǒu wěibā

One has no tail,


真奇怪 真奇怪

zhēn qíguài zhēn qíguài

How strange, how strange


Children are naturally adept at language learning and there are many benefits of learning a language while still young. In addition to kids’ songs to cultivate children’s language skills, reading some Chinese material is also a good option. BookBox’s youtube channel provides Mandarin stories videos with Chinese subtitles. The best part is that the subtitles are clear and runs with the narration. With these Chinese learning videos, you can not only improve your children’s Chinese language and listening skills but learn some Chinese with your kids yourself!


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