China Emergency Number You Need to Know



China Emergency Number You Need to Know

Accidents don’t follow any rules. Most of them happen in moments when we don’t expect it at all. Although most of us aren’t willing to encounter ones, we must handle some emergent situation or troubles during our trips to foreign countries.

We already learn the most important emergency contact numbers during our childhood by our parents. Therefore, we always know which number to call in case of different accidents. It’s common sense to call 911 to report breakout of fire or ask for help from the police in America. But have you ever thought about what’s it like in China? Some people are so excited about their next vacation or their upcoming semester abroad, that they don’t think about finding out the most important contact numbers (besides your families’ phone number of course). See, that’s why it is important to know the “must remember” phone numbers, so you could dial while facing some dilemma.

The numbers below will be a great help to you. But how could you describe your urgent situation if you aren’t proficient in the Chinese language when someone picks up the phone? In most cities in Mainland China are the emergency numbers provided in Mandarin Chinese and English. But just in case, it is better to learn Chinese for those situations just to be sure, that they understand you right. TutorMandarin can help you to feel safer while traveling in Chinese speaking countries. We offer 1-on-1 classes with professional tutors for every level. Are you a Beginner? No problem. We will help you to get your Chinese language learning journey started, even before your flight departs. Sign up for our free trial class and download the Chinese learning App.


Mainland China Emergency Numbers

Ambulance and Fire (The fire department) +86 119
First-aid Ambulance service +86 120
Privately operated ambulance (Beijing) +86 999
Police (Text message)
+86 110

+86 12110

Traffic Accident +86 122
Directory Enquiries +86 114
Time Enquiry +86 117


Taiwan Emergency Numbers

Ambulance and Fire +886 119
Police +886 110
Police Broadcasting Network +886 (0)2 2388 7901
Foreign Affairs Department of the National Police Administration +886 (0)2 2394 5900
Foreign Affairs Division, Taipei Police Headquarters +886 (0)2 2831 7475

Directory Assistance

Local Call +886 104
Long Distance Call +886 105
English Speaking Directory Assistance +886 106
International Operator +886 100


Hong Kong Emergency Numbers

Ambulance and Fire Department +852 999

+852 318


  • Mobile phones
  • Fax on fixed line, SMS on mobile phones (for subscribers with disabilities
+852 999
+852 992+852 112
Police hotline +852 2527 7177
Telephone directory enquiries +852 1081


Macau Emergency Numbers

Ambulance/ Fire /Police +853 999
Police department hotline +853 2857 3333
Fire department hotline +853 2857 2222
Hotlines of the Hospitals

  • Conde S. Januario Hospital
  • Kiang Wu Hospital
  • Macau University of Science and Technology Hospital
+853 2831 3731

+853 2837 1333

+853 2882 1838

Emergency services number for Tourists from Mainland China +853 999

+853 110

Emergency services number for international tourists +853 999

+853 112

Telephone Number Enquiry

  • Macau
  • International
+853 181

+853 101


A lot of numbers? Save these on your mobile phone, to make sure you dial the right number. Though, we hope you won’t have to dial any of these numbers someday… you might keep them in mind. Just in case! Do we have forgotten any important emergency contact numbers, that you would like to recommend? Simply leave a message, we would like to know more about it!

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See you soon!


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