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Learning Mandarin for Kindergarten – Free PDF Lesson “My Young Brother”

Learning Mandarin for Kindergarten PDF


Learning Mandarin for Kindergarten YouTube Video

Learning Mandarin for Kindergarten PDF: K1L4 “My Young Brother”

This is the PDF Mandarin lesson for kindergarten for more and full FREE PDF lessons as well as complete learning.

Looking for Chinese for kids resources? Well, then you’re in luck! Whether you’re learning mandarin for kindergarten, teaching Mandarin to pre-schoolers, or just wondering how to teach your child mandarin Chinese — we’ve got free Chinese lessons and resources for you!

This is TutorMandarin Kids 1 Chinese curriculum, appropriate for children age 7-11. This course comes after Kids Pinyin which is where we teach the Chinese alphabet for kids.

Enjoy the free PDF lesson here and sign up to get the downloadable version. However, if a PDF is not enough, signing up will also get your one free class with a professional tutor online. See if online Chinese learning is appropriate for your child with our gentle try before you buy approach! What’s better than learning with a private tutor though?

Kids Chinese Lessons Vocabulary :

爸爸 bàba | n



Wǒ de bàba shì Yīngguó rén.
My dad is from the U.K.

和 hé | conj



Tā de bàba hé māma shì Měiguó rén.
His dad and mom are American.

妈妈 māma | n



Wǒ māma shì lǎoshī.
My mom is a teacher.

姐姐 jiějie | n

older sister


Wǒ jiějie jiào Hé Yīng.
My big sister’s name is He Ying.

喜欢 xǐhuan | v



Wǒ xǐhuan shuō hànyǔ.
I like speaking Mandarin.

做 zuò | v

make; do


Tā xǐhuan zuò bǐnggān.
He likes to make cookies.

饼干 bǐnggān | n



Wǒ xǐhuan Yīngguó de bǐnggān.
I like English cookies.

弟弟 dìdi | n

younger brother


Wǒ de dìdi jiào Hé Hànguó.
My baby brother’s name is He Hanguo.

溜冰 liūbīng | v/n



Wǒ xǐhuan liūbīng.
I enjoy roller-skating.

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Practice your kids to learn Chinese in daily conversation is a good way to enhance your speaking ability. Grab every chance to speak in Chinese if you are in China or other Chinese-speaking countries. Speaking to Chinese friends is also the most efficient way.

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