tutormandarin ios launch

TutorMadarin iOS App Officially Released

TutorMandarin iOS APP Officially Released TAIPEI, TAIWAN, September 11, 2018 – TutorMandarin has officially launched its iOS App today on the App Store, ushering in the broader influence on online Chinese education after the release on Android in 2017. The app offers 1-on-1 online classes from professional Chinese tutors through its revolutionary new virtual classroom[…]

e-learning in 2018

How will Edtech meet the needs of e-learning in 2018

How will Edtech meet the needs of e-learning in 2018 E-learning in 2018 is about taking the incredible advances in technology and having them augment the personal human aspects of education that can’t be replaced. In language learning, we see “gamification” of apps becoming extremely popular with apps like Duolingo, ChineseSkill, and HelloChinese. This helps[…]

Should we be teaching blockchain in school

[Guest Post] Education and the Blockchain

Education and the Blockchain – Should We be Teaching Blockchain in Schools? It goes without saying that tech progress is moving at a rapid pace. Futurists point to Moore’s law – the idea that tech capabilities double every two years – as evidence for tech’s expansion into nearly every facet of our lives. Teaching Technology[…]