Top 7 ways to find Mandarin Teachers

Language learning isn’t quite as easy as it seems. Since English has become everybody’s second language, most people feel reluctant to learn a third language because learning languages take time as well as tedious. However, as today’s era is the Chinese era, people start learning Mandarin. How are we going to learn Mandarin without any difficulties? In which ways should we use to find Mandarin teachers?

Many people prioritize cost and qualifications when finding Mandarin Teachers.  In addition to those, there are so many factors you need to base on when considering the right fit Mandarin Teachers for yourself or for your children.

What kind of Mandarin teachers do you need to refine your Mandarin skills? Here are some ways to consider in making a decision to choose a Mandarin teacher.

1. Get to know your needs

Before finding the right fit Mandarin teachers for you, you need to find out what you really need beforehand. You want to learn all four skills or you just want to learn Mandarin to conversational level real quick, etc. Based on those factors, you need to figure out what your motive is.

Only then you will be able to tell your tutors what you strive to have. Otherwise, the pathway you plan to walk and the rail which the tutors try to set you on will be colliding and it will not definitely bring up the good results to satisfy you to the maximum.




Why? In China, most people self-claim that they can teach Chinese very well and start their careers as Mandarin Teachers. However, sometimes, they struggle to dilemmatic answers from learns like “What is the difference between   synonyms?” and “What are their usages?” OF course, they definitely know the differences as they are native speakers. But, they probably cannot clearly make you understand those synonyms as there is a language barrier between you and the tutors.

To solve that kind of misery, you will have to go for professionals only unless you have financial difficulties. I am not saying all junior tutors are like this. Some juniors can really teach well and bilingual. Definitely, that kind of junior tutors can clearly help you walk to the door to the victory. But, how to find those juniors tutors out of the blue????

Here, this will help you find the best Mandarin Teachers for you. Precisely, a concise and clear tutor profile will assist you to find the right tutors according to your preference.


Most people are concerned about the accent when it comes to language learning. The same goes for Mandarin learning. People occasionally ask the Mandarin teachers beforehand “ Are you from Beijing?”. People prefer native speakers to be their Mandarin tutors to get the best results from it. It is quite natural. Who doesn’t want the best accent?

However, not all non-native speakers possess curled tongues. Some well-trained Mandarin teachers do have a perfect Mandarin accent. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are from. It solely depends on how you have trained yourself.

Basically, their Mandarin tutors have a heavy impact on a child’s accent. So, definitely, parents have to make sure that their tutors’ pronunciation is clear and accurate.




It is also important that what kind of level they are taking over most of the time. Why? Mostly, people may think if they are teaching advanced level currently, they are not going to have trouble in lecturing beginner level. 100% wrong unless they are really into teaching.

The viable option we have here is to classify what they actually strive to teach. Only then, we can get the best result out of those scenarios.


This is what people strive to start their career in mainland China. They are trying to learn Chinese however they are having trouble finding the right perfect tutors who are able to communicate well in their language so that they can learn the Mandarin language efficiently.

Sometimes, most tutors are having trouble to explain Chinese meaning to the student because the language barrier is halting the progress for sure. The Mandarin tutors may be able to communicate in your language however they are not proficient enough to explain all these to you in detail.

This kind of problem isn’t uncommon, especially in mainland China. Of course, most freelancing tutors from here are able to speak English but not qualified to interpret Mandarin to English sufficiently. Therefore, foreigners, who chose to start off their business there are having difficulties in learning the Mandarin language which is required to expand their business aura.



Proven good teachers know exactly how to unlock the students’ minds to make the class enjoyable. One essential factor of good Mandarin teachers is to make classes engaging and interesting. Otherwise, the class will end up being boring and the students will lose our interest eventually. This is language learning. The teachers have to keep it in their minds as it is totally different from the casual teaching style. It would be best if a Mandarin teacher can draw the student’s attention all the time that the students will not even realize that they are learning. Instead, they feel they are just communicating with the tutors.

Tutors have to be careful with that engaging part especially when dealing with the children to avoid making them more resentful over the language.


7.Experience & Flexibility

It is being unnecessary to mention that experience plays an important factor in deciding which Mandarin teachers we are supposed to learn under. The more experience they have the more like they are to adapt to your situation accordingly. Respectively, all Mandarin teachers have their own special teaching style in their own ways.

What’s more important is how they can adapt to you despite you going against their specialty. For example, your motivation to learn Mandarin is to communicate with your Chinese girl but the tutor teaching you isn’t that good in the relationship. In these cases, the tutors have to draw your attention by making lesson plans for the relationship. Only then, you will be more willing to learn Mandarin more and more.

On top of this, tutors’ availability is extremely crucial. You may not be free all the time. Maybe you are a busy bee whose time is completely occupied with family, work, etc. How are you going to learn Mandarin efficiently with high-demanding tutors?


Here is the solution to all the above concerns. With it, you can have the best of the best professional tutoring services. You can learn Mandarin at any time, anywhere with any tutors who are proven to be bilingual.  Clearly, you can revise tutors’ profiles to know how good they are with their students and also you are authorized to see their rating given by the students.

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