4 Ways to Say Tutor in Chinese

Are you learning Chinese from a real teacher? Or is it tutor? Is she actually a professor and now you’re worried about what the correct term is to use? No worries.

Say Tutor in Chinese

Today we’ll look at 4 ways to say tutor in Chinese. Speaking of… if you’re looking for top Chinese tutors that can help you quickly learn to SPEAK OUT in Chinese with confidence, then make sure to take your free trial class from TutorMandarin –  sign up here!

老师 / Lǎoshī / Teacher

老师 means teacher, just like in English. You can call an elementary, middle or high school teacher this. If you’re getting private tutoring, you can even refer to your instructors as 老师. Typically, a teacher is referred to as “their last name” + “teacher.” E.g. 王老师 is Teacher Wang.

Example Sentences


Tā céngjīng shì yí wèi lǎoshī.

He used to be a teacher.



Lǎoshī xiě zài hēibǎn shàng de dōngxi nǐ dōu jì zài bǐjìběn shàng le ma?

Did you take notes on what the teacher wrote on the blackboard? 

辅导 / fǔdǎo / Tutor

辅导 is the most similar to “tutor.” Like a private coach that helps you in a personal situation. If you study Chinese with us, you could call your tutor 辅导. Similar to coaching or counseling. Also, this function as a verb and can mean “to tutor” someone!


Example Sentences for 辅导 


Zhè wèi yīshēng shànyú fǔdǎo bìngrén de xīnlǐ wèntí.

This doctor is good at giving patients counsel for their mental problems.



Zhèxiē xīnlǐ wèntí yǒu hěnduō jīgòu kěyǐ fǔdǎo de.

These mental issues can mostly be counseled by many organizations.


导师 / dǎoshī / tutor, teacher, academic advisor

导师 is another great way to refer to a tutor, teacher, or academic advisor. This word typically denotes the “advisor” aspect more though it can work for the other two as well.


Examples sentences for 导师


Tā jiān zuò dǎoshī gōngzuò hé yán jiù gōngzuò

Her work was divided between advising and research.


Xuéshēng bǎ lùnwén dìjiāo gěi dǎoshī.

The students have submitted their essays to their advisors.


家教 (家庭教师)jiājiào (jiātíng jiàoshī)

This is a common way to refer to tutors in Taiwan. 家教 / jiājiàois a contract of the full phrase家庭教师 jiātíng jiàoshī. 家庭 means home and 教师 means teacher. So a teacher that comes to your home… a tutor!


Examples sentences for 家教


Tāmen gěi háizi qǐngle yī wèi jiājiào.

They hired a tutor for their child.

Beyond 4 ways to say tutor in Chinese

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