TutorMandarin to provide 5000+ original Chinese sentences to Hanping Dictionary apps

Tutomandarin Hanping Dictionary Cooperation

5000 Tutormandarin Chinese example sentences in Hanping Dictionary

TutorMandarin to provide 5000+ original Chinese sentences

Hanping Dictionary APPs will include 5,000 of TutorMandarin’s original Chinese example sentences to match its database of Chinese words. Sentences will be incorporated into both of Hanping Chinese Dictionary Android apps – Hanping Lite & Hanping Pro.

Hanping is a set of Chinese language-learning apps that offer English, Pinyin or Chinese characters (Hanzi) in a user-friendly interface. Hanping features include Chinese handwriting recognition, Hanzi stroke animations, and Audio pronunciation by a native speaker, However, prior to the Tutormandarin cooperation, Hanping offered limited if any example sentences for learners.

Now, under each word is an original sentence by TutorMandarin. Users can tell which sentences were supplied because the Tutormandarin logo is placed right next to it. Also, if users are enjoying a particular sentence they can click on Tutormandarin logo to easily get to the website or download the app. Sentences all comes from Tutormandarin courses, where they work in as a part of a broader education system that take students step-by-step through the Chinese learning Journey.

All TutorMandarin courses (Spoken Chinese, HSK Chinese, Business Chinese, etc) work within an HSK-based educational framework, using corresponding vocabulary words and sentences to match the appropriate language level. Tutormandarin has provided 5000+ sentences of Chinese, Pinyin, and English from absolute beginner (HSK1) to advanced learners (HSK6) to be incorporated into Hanping Dictionary products.

“We’re proud to be part of such an essential tool in every Chinese learner’s journey,” says Sam Silverman, head of TutorMandarin. “It’s a great honor for TutorMandarin to be one of the standard bearers in this process. We trust the vocabulary learning of Hanping and the personal tutoring of TutorMandarin will create a great next generation of Chinese as a second a language speaker.”


TutorMandarin to provide 5000+ original Chinese sentences

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