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Learn Vegetables in Mandarin Chinese

A lot of times with foods, translation don’t always work so well for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the food is regional or local, and China doesn’t naturally have that type of food. Sometimes, China has a version of that plant or vegetable that is slightly dissimilar to the one you’re looking for. Sometimes the Chinese word is more closely related to the original botanical definition and hard to find.Therefore, we going to give you a brief introduction of vegetables in the Chinese language as a  Chinese language learning journey.  Anyways, in China, you’ll find both Kale Greens as well as Collard Greens.

Lets’ learn how to say Kale greens in Chinese and let’s learn how to say Collard Greens in Chinese. 

Kale Greens/无头甘蓝/wú tóu gānlán

A variety of kale,
Kai-lan, is a popular vegetable in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, where it is commonly combined with beef dishes.

Collard Greens/芥蓝菜叶/jiè lán cài yè


Collard greens in Chinese. Collard greens (collards) are various loose-leafed cultivars of Brassica oleracea, the species which also contains vegetables including cabbage (Capitata Group) androccoli (Botrytis Group).  Also, they are part of the Acephala Group of the species, which includes kale and spring greens.



Chinese Vegetables Name List

Don’t know what you’re up to learning? Chinese for collard greens, but in case you’re driving down the vegetable vocabulary route — here’ s some more green words for you.

菠菜/bō cài/spinach 葱/cōngscallion /green onion 蕃茄/fān qié/tomato
红萝卜/hóng luó bó/red carrot 胡萝卜/hú luó bo/carrot 红薯/hóng shǔ/sweet potato
辣椒/là jiāo/hot pepper/chili 卷心菜/juǎn xīn cài/cabbage 芥菜/jiè cài/the mustard plant, leaf mustard
苦瓜/kǔ guā/bitter gourd 黄瓜/huáng guā/cucumber 薑/jiāng/ ginger
芦笋/lú sǔn/asparagus 马铃薯/mǎ líng shǔ/potato 南瓜/nán guā/pumpkin
茄子/qié zi/eggplant; aubergine; Guinea squash 芹菜/qín cài/celery 青豆/qīng dòu/green beans
青椒/qīng jiāo/green pepper 秋葵/qiū kuí/hibiscus 山药/shān yao/the yam
生菜/shēng cài/lettuce 甜菜/tián cài/beet 豌豆/wān dòu/pea
莴苣/wō jù/lettuce 芜菁/wú jīng/turnip 玉米/yù mǐ/corn / maize
香菜/xiāng cài/coriander 洋葱/yáng cōng/onion 土豆/Tǔdòu/potato


We believe that after reading through this article, you will get no difficulty buying vegetables in the Chinese market.  

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Since you already knew how to say these vegetables in Chinese, let’s see How to order food in Chinese.

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