[Guest Post] Why Context is Crucial when Learning Chinese

  The importance of context in Chinese language learning We all know that learning Chinese is not too easy, particularly for westerners who are not used to entirely different symbols and language structures. Reading is usually the first thing students try to figure out, but it’s challenging and time-consuming if you rely solely on your[…]

Cool Chinese Slang Words

[Guest Post] 20 Common Chinese Slang Words

The Chinese language is challenging to access and complicated to learn. It takes time and patience to reach a high level of oral and written skills. If you already know how to greet people, catch on interesting (long!) words, are familiar with the Pinyin system of pronunciation, and read Chinese characters properly, you are then[…]

[Guest Post] 4 Tips to Learn Chinese

Learning Chinese? Great. Today we’re gonna share some of our Chinese wisdom with you on how to learn Mandarin. Enjoy these four pieces of wisdom from the teachers here at TutorMandarin. 1. Set as a Solid Chinese Foundation I`m often asked if students can just skip the boring beginning part and learn the “useful” and[…]

How to test your Chinese level?

How to test your Chinese level? There are several ways to test your Chinese level of proficiency. Today we’ve written about 3 different ways to determine your level. These ways all vary in terms of time, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. Feel free to select the way that works for you! Test your Chinese level with the HSK […]

wheres the best place to study mandarin chinese

Where’s the best place to study Chinese?

Where’s the best place to study Chinese? Well to answer this question, you have to first consider what matters to you the most in your study trip in addition to learning the language. What are you Mandarin Chinese goals?  If your goal is purely to immerse yourself in a Mandarin-speaking environment and you do not[…]

Chinese alphabet for kids

Chinese alphabet for kids Kids are excellent language learners! In fact, start them young enough and they can have perfect pronunciation and native-level fluency by the time they get older. So, how to get your kid started off learning Chinese? The Chinese alphabet is called “pinyin.” It’s basically using the English alphabet to mimic all[…]

I can’t speak Chinese at all! Can I survive in China?

I can’t speak Chinese at all! Can I really survive in China? The answer is… yes! If you’re asking this question, then you’re probably not in China! Because honestly, you can survive in almost any major city in China with limited Chinese at the beginning. Most people that study abroad to China are amazed at[…]

should I learn Chinese or Japanses

Is it harder to learn Chinese or Japanese?

Is it harder to learn Chinese or Japanese? If you’re deciding what Asian language to study, or just wondering about the difficulty of language learning, you may have asked yourself, “Is it harder to learn Chinese or Japanese?” This is an interesting question! First of all, for native speakers of English, both Chinese and Japanese[…]

5 Reasons Why Chinese is Difficult

5 Reasons Why Chinese is Difficult Chinese is not the easiest language for an English speaker to learn! In fact, it takes much longer to learn Chinese than many other languages (Spanish, French, German…). The United States State Department estimates it to take almost 88 weeks to be advanced conversational. So, what’s the deal? Why[…]

Chinese Words List

Chinese Words List Chinese Pronunciation So, you’ve started learning Chinese. You’ve learned all the correct Chinese pronunciation through pinyin. You can clearly say the difference between “j” and “zh” and between “z” “c” and “s.” Note: if you can’t, feel free to watch our video on all the correct pronunciation here: Chinese Tones On top of[…]

10 Tips to Learn Chinese Quickly

10 Tips to Learn Chinese Quickly Chinese is no easy language to learn. However, there are ways to learn better, quicker, and more efficiently. Today is a quick list of 10 tips to learn Chinese and learn it fast! Apply as many as you can to your own Mandarin studying and start seeing the results[…]

chinese word for love

The Chinese Word for Love | Different ways to say “love” in Mandarin

The Chinese Word for Love When learning a language, one of the first things you should learn is to say “I love you!” In fact, many people learn the word for “love” in tons of different languages, just in case! So, let’s learn not just the Chinese word for love, but at least 5 ways[…]