Top 3 Best Online Chinese Courses Template

best online chinese courses

Top 3 Best Online Chinese Courses Template

Time and location are key reasons why most people are turning to free online courses for knowledge and skills. Well, Mandarin learners across the globe are also currently thronging the internet for online Chinese learning courses.

If you opt to learn Chinese online, you will not be disappointed as there is a wide range of best online Chinese courses templates to choose from. Online learning of Chinese should include understanding, speaking, reading as well as writing Chinese Mandarin.

All these aspects must be well blended to overall gaps that may prove erratic during the learning process. While it is less likely that a single course will teach you everything, a good online course should have the necessary structures.

Choosing the best online Chinese courses templates may be difficult. This is because of the wide variety that you will stumble on the internet. We make your life easier by listing some of the best online Chinese language courses.

best online Chinese courses

Yoyo Chinese

Started more than 10 years ago by Cheng Yoyo, Yoyo Chinese provide free videos on YouTube that cover grammar, conversational lessons, and pinyin. She is one of the most re-known online Chinese tutors. The course is mainly designed for both newbies and intermediate learners.

Besides, it has a massive 45,000 likes on Facebook and well over 15 million views on YouTube. This is a show of credibility hence one of the best online Chinese courses templates. Just to mention, they have been there for over a decade.

Yoyo Chinese bases its course on videos with a highly interactive host. The lessons include basic grammar points, vocabulary, sentence structures, and general cultural information. In a way, learners who have gone through this think that the learning process is made easier.

Yoyo Course Structure

Like most online Chinese courses, Yoyo Chinese has a free and paid version. The free version contains individual knowledge points that every beginner will find highly useful. On the other hand, the free version is systematically organized into progression levels from beginner, intermediate and upper conversational levels.

Moreover, depending on your priorities, you can focus on Chinese Learning Tips Course, Grammar Serial Course and Chinese Characters Course depending on the part of the study you are interested in. There are also essential resources that you can easily download and store.

best online Chinese courses


DigMandarin is one of the most comprehensive online Chinese language platforms. It primarily focuses on all Chinese learning resources. Apart from the highlighted language collections of videos and articles, they also feature an online course page. Even if you are an elementary learner, can discover courses suitable to your level.

DigMandarin offer courses from different websites and teachers. The design of their website is different from others. Additionally, the website does not only feature videos, but it is also a complete set of Chinese language learning.

In addition, at DigMandarin, there are different teaching styles. Whether you prefer an easy, relaxed or serious style, or even academic style, there is a wide variety of host to choose from. Besides, you can download additional reading materials for references. Notably, some course offers online quizzes to test your learning skills.


DigMandarin Course Content

The channel includes all courses. Ranging from pronunciation training, grammar explanations, Character threshold, mock paper, and classical Chinese textbooks.

It is worthy to note that the content on DigMandarin is updated all the time. Hence, you can always find something worthy and new to learn.

best online Chinese courses


The Class 101 does not only include Mandarin Chinese, but also English, Cantonese, Korean and many others. The course targets all language levels. During the registration process, you have the leverage to select your level. Once you sign in and enter your home page, you can start the course and track your learning progress.

It, therefore, goes beyond Mandarin Chinese. The main advantage of ChineseClass101 is the fact that you get the chance to choose your level during registration. Why do we consider this as one of the best online Chinese courses templates?

ChineseClass101 Course Structure

The level you choose during registration determines the type and amount of content you receive. However, there are pathways to the library that you can access. The interface also provides new lessons on the page. This is a chance to learn something new.

The course content entails lesson notes, pinyin, translations, comprehensions and everyday dialogue. It is, therefore, one of the best platforms for advanced Chinese courses online. There is a USD1 payment for new members’ payable during registration. Monthly payments are all below USD30.

Bonus: TutorMandarin

online chiense course

chinese courses from TutorMandarin

TutorMandarin has a set of original Chinese courses that are designed to get you speaking out as soon as possible. The curriculums offer a unique level fo student focus that allows them to speak for 50% of the class and gain confidence in their oral Mandarin Skills.

Classes are available adults and kids of all levels and interests. Plus, all student who sign up get one free class. Try it for yourself, free of charges!


Well, the best online Chinese courses template may vary from one student to another. However, you should first understand what your needs are before signing up for an online course.

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