Asking for Directions in Chinese

Asking for directions 1-on-1 Chinese lessons at Tutormandarin

Asking for directions in Chinese 


Asking for Directions

For travelers visiting China, Taiwan or other Chinese speaking countries, you might face the problem of getting lost and needing to ask for directions. Even though smartphones and the internet are really common nowadays, still, people might travel without the internet as well. Today we’ll teach you how to ask for directions as part of Chinese language learning. You might say that using English is already good enough. However, many students learn English just to pass the test, not to mention older generations.

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Directions in Chinese vocabulary 

Far yuǎn
Near jìn
Next to 旁边 pángbiān
In front 前面 qiánmiàn
Behind 后面 hòu miàn
Across 对面 duì miàn
Left side 左边 zuǒbiān
Right side 右边 yòubiān
North side 北边 běibian
South side 南边 nánbian
East side 东边 dōngbian
West side 西边 xībian
Go straight 直走 zhí zǒu
Pass the traffic light 过红绿灯 guò hónglǜdēng
Turn left 往左拐 wǎng zuǒ guǎi
Turn right 往右拐 wǎng yòu guǎi
The block 路口 lùkǒu


How Can I Get to …?

Excuse me, do you know how I can get to the train station?
Bù hǎoyìsi, qǐngwèn dào huǒchē zhàn yào zěnme zǒu?
Walk past the next traffic light and turn right. Then go straight for around 1-minute walk, you’ll see it.
Guò xià yīgè hónglǜdēng hòu yòu zhuǎn, zhí zǒu 1 fēnzhōng hòu nǐ jiù huì kàn dàole


How long will it take to …

How long will it take to get there by bus?/ metro?
大概要坐多久的公交车/ 地铁 才会到?
Dàgài yào zuò duōjiǔ de gōngjiāo chē/ dìtiě cái huì dào?
You’ll need to get off in 3 stops.
Nǐ zàisān zhàn jiù yào xià chēle ō
Go along this street and walk for around 5 minutes, you’ll see the post office on the left.
Yánzhe zhè tiáo lù zhí zǒu, dàgài wǔ fēnzhōng nǐ jiù huì kàn dào yóujú zài nǐ de zuǒshǒu biān


Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Directions

If you’re lost while traveling, don’t hesitate to ask for directions.You might be able to meet some locals and explore their culture in a different way!

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