The 6 Best Learn to Read Chinese APPs

Learn to read Chinese app list for learners of all ages

List of best learn to read Chinese apps available now on iOS and Android

The 6 Best apps to learn to read Chinese

To learn a language fully you need to hear it, write it, speak it, and READ IT! Learning to read Chinese is one of the most difficult aspects of this Asian language. But instead of just rote memorization, how can you learn to read Chinese characters and understand them in cultural context? 

Following are 6 of the best learn to read Chinese apps. These apps have great and appropriate content to read with different levels. These apps have built-in translators and dictionaries while you’re reading. These apps provide you with ways to personalize and customize your reading Chinese experience!

Come with us and explore some of the best apps to learn to read Chinese.


The Chairman’s Bao

Cost Free
In-App Purchases Yes
Android Google Play
iOS iTunes


Learn to read chinese with the Chairman's bao app

The Chairman’s bao is for ios and android. A great learn to read Chinese app.

Learn to read Chinese with news. The Chairman’s bao (TBC) knows its feverish audience pursuing all news from China and beyond. TCB is the most comprehensive online news-based graded reader for people who is learning Chinese. All lessons fit within the system of the HSK, of which you have 2,500 lessons to choose from. Content is curated and edited according to a stringent seven-point editorial process to help you read Chinese. TCB = Quality.



  • Retrieve definitions with a tap through the Live Dictionary
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons from HSK 1-6+
  • Full synchronisation across platforms – website, iOS and Android apps
  • Stroke Order Animation and Character Writing tools

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Decipher Chinese

Cost Free
In-App Purchases Yes
Android Google Play
iOS iTunes

Learn to read chinese with the Decipher app

Decipher is a fantastic app to improve your Chinese. Decipher provided free daily articles written by experienced Mandarin teachers. Even better, articles are organized by appropriate HSK levels. So when you read an article,  you know it is at your reading level.

Articles come with a plethora of tools to help you read them. There are built-in tools such as dictionary, pinyin, a vocab guide, as well as Chinese audio. If you spend just a few minutes a day learning new words by reading an article — you’re going to learn Mandarin faster. And what’s better… no flashcards!


  • Simple reads updated daily – China news, culture, history, popular Chinese sayings
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate skill level at HSK 1 to 5
  • Archive of 300+ articles
  • Chinese dictionary with one touch
  • Option to display pinyin over hanzi
  • Read Mandarin in both simplified and traditional characters
  • Listen to Mandarin pronunciation through audio, by word or by phrases


Du Chinese App- Mandarin Reading

Cost Free
In-App Purchases Yes
Android Google Play
iOS iTunes


Learn to read Chinese app for mandaring practice Du Chinese

Du Chinese app to help you learn to read Chinese

Du Chinese is an app designed to improve Mandarin reading. Lessons have English translations for all words and sentences, as well as human audio! Du’s built-in translation tools lets you look up the meaning of any Chinese words with a simple tap. Du Chinese also takes great pride in making sure its words are explained ‘in context’ — so you’re never stuck with just the dictionary definition of the word.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, Du Chinese has frequently updated lessons for all level. Get ready to learn about things like daily life in China, funny China stories, and current Chinese business trends!


  • Human voice recordings synchronized with the texts
  • Context-dependent word translations
  • Sentence translations
  • Save and review words using an intuitive flashcard system
  • Supports both simplified and traditional Chinese characters



Cost Free
In-App Purchases Yes
Android Google Play
iOS Apple Store

Learn to read chinese with the TutorMandarin app Learn to read chinese with the TutorMandarin app













Tutormandarin is a one-stop shop for learning Chinese. Tutormandarin has full courses from beginner to advanced with 45 lessons in each course. All pinyin and beginner 1 lessons are free to all users. Each lesson comes with 10-20 vocabulary words which are also available as flashcards with 2 example sentences each.

Students can practice reading Chinese with not only the free available lessons — but also with free daily articles! Tutormandarin uploads several Chinese learning articles and videos (with subtitles) each week. All come with vocabulary flashcards to help you follow along. Choose by interest and level for convenience.

Once you’re ready to apply what you’ve learned, Tutormandarin offers professional online 1-on-1 tutoring through its app and PC software. See if you can use what you’ve learned with a qualified Chinese teacher. All users get a free trial class just for signing up.

Learn to Read Chinese APPs

Learn to Read with Chinese APPs.

Famous Chinese Quotations

Cost Free
In-App Purchases Yes
Android Google Play
iOS No
learn to read mandarin app famous chinese quotations

Famous Chinese quotations learn to read chinese app

Famous Quotations (Chinese) is a lot less serious app than the other listed here. But! But! It does have an expansive list of famous Chinese quotations written in Chinese with English translations! If you’re an intermediate or advanced Chinese learner, this might be a fun way to improve your reading and look at various quotation translations. Enjoy!


Learn Chinese Daily

Cost Free
In-App Purchases Yes
Android Google Play
iOS No


Learn to read Chinese app Learn Chinese Daily for ios and android

Learn to read Chinese daily with this app


Learn Chinese Daily is like an amalgamation of other great free Chinese learning resources. The app involves in-app content from some of the internet’s best podcasts, videos, blogs, and flashcards. Sources include Chineasy, Shaolan learn Chinese, Babbel as well. This is a great app to learn to read Chinese and to learn on your own! The app is updated with new content every 24 hours.


Learn to Read Chinese with Apps

Before you become truly mastering in Chinese, you must be able to read Chinese articles or even newspaper. It’s also an efficient way to build up your vocabulary from those articles, but first, you need to use the right tools. These Chinese apps feature built-in dictionary which makes it easier for you to look up the word and read the materials at your level. If you want to know more useful learn Chinese apps to improve your Chinese speaking, listening or learning all aspects in Chinese, don’t forget to stay tuned with our Chinese blog!

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