11 Crucial Chinese Phrases You Must Know


11 Crucial Chinese Phrases You Must Know

Before you head off to China, you must know some basic Chinese in order to interact with locals. In this video, you could not only learn phrases that are extremely useful but also some tips while traveling in China. Here, besides the typical “hellos” and “goodbyes” here are 11 CRUCIAL must know Chinese phrases you need to learn before your departure.


1. Call the police   叫警察   jiào jǐngchá

You never know what you’ll come across while traveling. Just in case something goes wrong, now you know what phrase to use for emergency situations.

2. Too expensive   太貴了   tài guìle

While traveling in most part of southeast Asia including China, people tend to assume that tourists have more money. They would make a special price for tourist and another for the locals.  

3. I don’t want   我不要   wǒ bùyào

It’s common for tourists to face the situation that people keep asking you to buy something. Try this phrase and let them know that you don’t want to buy it. This phrase might sound a little bit harsh but do what you need to do.

4. No hot pepper   不要加辣椒   bùyào jiā làjiāo

This is extremely important for people who don’t eat spicy food or the ones who think that they could handle the spice which they actually cannot compare to Chinese people. Chinese hot oil sauce and spices are way too strong for people who don’t regularly eat spicy food.

5. Foreigner   老外   lǎowài

This is how Chinese people call a westerner. You might not necessarily know what they’re talking about but at least you know that they’re talking about you or other foreigners.

6. No MSG   不要放味精   bùyào fàng wèijīng

This is still a problem in China that restaurants put MSG to make the flavor better. If you want to eat in a more healthy environment, try this phrase!

7. How much is it?   多少钱   duōshǎo qián

If you like shopping, you’re gonna be using this phrase quite a lot. Heads up, when people offer you things try to use this phrase as well, since nothing is free and don’t expect it to be free.

8. Thanks/It’s nothing/ My pleasure   哪裡哪裡 nǎlǐ nǎlǐ

When someone gives you a compliment, you could reply with this phrase to say thank you! This will definitely surprise them that you know this phrase.

9. You’re the man   你很牛   nǐ hěn niú

This is the cool way to say you’re the man/ woman. Everyone enjoys getting compliments from others, try this phrase when they did something you thinks is impressing.

10. Where’s the bathroom?   廁所在哪?   cèsuǒ zài nǎ?

This phrase is for sure 100% useful in day to day life. It might not be that easy to find a public bathroom, so try to ask people where the bathroom is using this phrase.

11. Toilet paper   衛生紙   wèishēngzhǐ

In most bathrooms, they don’t provide toilet paper, which they want to sell you for a really high price when just can’t hold it anymore.


Chinese Phrases You Must Know

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